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Here at Wood Master London Ltd, operating out of Kensington, Chelsea, Tottenham and the rest of London, we can undertake any loft and basement conversions in order to enhance your home. Loft conversions and basement conversions are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK due to the ease in which you can create more space within your home, without needing a large extension project.

As a general rule, loft and basement extensions tend to be much cheaper than extensions or refurbishments. Having a loft or basement conversion can increase the living space within your own property without having to sacrifice any of your outdoor space. This is particularly useful if you only have a small amount of garden space as it is.

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Furthermore, loft conversions can create an extra dimension in your property. No matter where in London you live there is always a great view to be had. With a loft conversion, you can enhance you home and create a living space that makes the most of the extra floor and your surroundings.

Additionally, unlike most building work, any loft or basement conversions can be completed no matter the weather. This means that even in torrential rain we can come to your property to perform any loft or basement conversions. Furthermore, getting Town Planning Permission to have building work completed on your property can be frustrating. Fortunately, loft and basement conversions do not require Town Planning Permission, and the legislation that is needed is much easier to get passed by your local council.

Whether you are looking to convert your loft or your basement into a contemporary living space, Wood Master London Ltd can complete any loft or basement conversions throughout Kensington, Chelsea, Tottenham and the rest of London. Give us a call today on 07962 387496, or send us a message through our contact page.


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